Drone Photography and Video Services

Residential Real Estate Drone Photography

Illustrate your home's curb appeal with great pictures from above! Let the full value of the property be seen at it's very best.

Property Pilot real estate and land photography leaves a lasting impression with your potential buyers. Helping you stand out among the others is important, let us help you make the difference.

Before making a request to view a property in person most, if not all people, do check out the various real estate listings, probably on an MLS. Most of this research is simply looking at photos of the property in the listing. This is where it is important to set your listing(s) apart!

You as a real estate agent or private seller need to show your potential buyers the very best of what you have to offer early in the selling process.

Contact The Property Pilot today! Our pricing is reasonable and our schedule is flexible.

lake village hotel and rv park commercial drone example
Thank You Kenny Wyss for the high quality aerial photos! We highly recommend you to anyone looking for aerial photos of their property at an affordable rate!
— Lake Village Hotel and RV Park, Paris, MO

Commercial Drone Photography and Video

Aerial inspections and commercial drone services can save time, money and offer a new perspective to ensure your assets are in good working order. Utilizing drone services limits the risk to workers tasked with undertaking inspections at height. With our drone service we can access those areas that may be dangerous to reach with ease and no danger to employees.

Drone services and images will offer you the ability to confidently assess the condition of any structural asset such as a building, bridge or home, allowing you to focus your resources and time directly where they are needed. Potentially reducing evaluation time frees up resources for other important activities.

The Property Pilot provides commercial drone services for inspections of:

  • Industry and manufacturing facilities
  • Cell tower and elevated structures
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Road work, bridge, railway, pipeline, utility and dam assessments
  • Construction site assessments and monitoring
  • Environmental compliance
  • Insurance assessments
  • Fire scene inspection
  • Disaster site inspection
  • Real time observance of dangerous situations

Marketing and Event Drone Services

Property Pilot drone photography offers an affordable point of view to any event. Our drone services deliver amazing images and video to accompany any advertising/social media marketing or promotional campaign you may have planned.

Using Property Pilot drone services a potential client will understand immediately how the use of drone footage will help their marketing and this in turn will help you build your business. We want your business to grow and using our drone photography can be an important part of your plans.

The Property Pilot offers these commercial drone services:

  • Video and Images for social media, websites and advertising
  • Sales of boats, cars and other vehicles
  • Virtual tours of golf courses, hotels, resorts, and parks
  • Land development
  • Tour promotion
  • Events and activities marketing
  • Action sport photography
  • School sporting events
  • Weddings, anniversaries and parties
  • Promotional aerial imagery for tourism and city/regional promotion


Kenny is one of the nicest people you could ever work with! His pictures and videos are amazing!! If you are looking some unique photography for your event he is definitely your guy!
— Tasha Hogan