Kenny Wyss, FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Kenny Wyss, owner of The Property Pilot has always been an aircraft enthusiast, and enjoys flying and attending airshows. It only seemed natural to combine his photography skills and love for flying into more than a hobby. In April of 2018, he passed the FAA Part 107 Pilot Exam, giving him the ability to start making commercial drone flights.

Gone are the days when a Cessna pilot would show up at your farmhouse with a grainy 8x10 aerial photo. Today's drone technology allows extremely high definition pictures and videos to be taken at a much more economical price. Kenny Wyss uses a DJI Mavic Pro drone, which is the industry standard for professionals. The images captured are of stunning clarity and definition.

The Property Pilot was formed in April of 2018 and serves the entire Central Missouri area. From Kansas City to St. Louis. From Mark Twain Lake to the Lake of the Ozarks, Kenny is here to capture images of your home, farm, business or event.

Whether you are just wanting a family keepsake or gift item, or you are trying to sell a piece of property, we can show you a whole new view of your world. Kenny plans to take his piloting skills to the next level and obtain his sport pilot license, allowing him to fly full-size aircraft.

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